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I am a British, award winning landscape & nature photographer. I'm fortunate enough to be able to travel the planet in persuit of incredible geology, natutal phenomena and wildlife. My travels have taken me to five continents, thirty countries and thirty three of the American States so far. From chasing supercell thunderstorms across the Great Plains to Polar Bears hunting on the Arctic Sea Ice, Lava cascading into the Pacific in Hawaii to the vast and endless Namib Desert, combining travel and photography has been incredible for me, just the best way to explore the beauty of Earth. 

My photographic journey began in 2006 and Ive never stopped learning. The continual advancements in camera and processing technology is just amazing and keeps me very much on my toes. Currently my equipment list comprises of Phase One medium format cameras and Schneider lenses, Sony A7riii camera and lenses from wide angle to a 400mm 2.8 for wildlife. Many images also on the website have been made using various Nikon, Canon, Hasselbald and even a Fuji GX6-17 panoramic film camera over the years.

I adore being above the land, looking down to achieve a unique perspective. Using helicopters mostly and occasionally planes the world looks like a different place. Rivers and mountain ranges can become completely abstract and I love this aproach. I have a huge list of locations I would like to get to and photograph from the air having spent days of my life scouring satelite imagery for the next location. 

I love printing and Ive been extremely fortunate to learn from many of my heroes and photographers I consider to be the best in the business. Printing is the final stage of the artform and another process that continually develops. I'm passionate about printing my own work and teaching the printing elements to many clients and workshop particiapnts over the last ten years. 

I have led workshops across multiple countries and continents, its incredibly rewarding for me personally to be in some way responisible for getting photographers into incredible wild landscapes and locations and, sharing the knowledge required to capture images in a certain way, or prepare the images for print and seeing the final results. I hope to have many more years of these experiences both with nature and the continually growing number of amazing people I get to travel with.

Over the years my images have been published in magazines and books by organisations such as National Geographic and Conde Nast amongst others. Multiple international newspapers including The Times, Guardian, independent and New York Times. I have had my images used by Apple, Microsoft, NASA, Samsung and British Airways. 

I hope you enjoy the photographs on this website and I hope you check back for newer work as and when I capture it.