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The Greenland Ice Cap from the air- Sold Out!

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£11,895.00Deposit - £2,500.00

  • 30th June - 6th July, 2023 - Fully Booked

  • £11,895.00 / Deposit - £2,500.00

  • Collection from Narsarsuaq Airport, all transportation in Greenland for the duration of the tour from pickup until drop off. Breakfasts, photographic tuition.

  • Insurance, flights to and from Narsarsuaq Airport, meals not mentionned, drinks.

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A completely unique opportunity to photograph the mighty Greenland Ice Cap from above as well as from the Ice Cap itself. 

Staying one week in Narsaq in southern Greenland we are ideally plcaed to explore the wonderful South of Greenland and also venture to the Ice Cap from one of the closest settlements to it in the whole of Greenland. The landscapes here are stunning and rarely photographed. The small towns of Narsaq and Qaqortoq are two of the most beautiful towns in Greenland with colourful houses and buildings stretching back from the ocean inland. We will travel by boat to a few towns and settlements and also to photograph the icebergs in the bays around these areas. Giant icebergs drift along the coastline meaning every day has different options to photograph the landscpe. 

We will be based in the best hotel in town, Hotel Narsaq, a basic but perfctly adequate hotel for our stay from which we will form a base to explore. The hotel has a good restaurant and free wifi. 

The main purpose of the trip is to do one whole day with a helicopter flying over the ice cap. In mid summer the ice is melting fast creating meandering rivers of the most sensational aqua blue colours through the pure white ice. These rivers provide an incredible contast to the whites and they also form vast lakes of meltwater in places, again with mesmirising colours. Our aim will be to spend 10 hours with the helicopter, this may be in one staright day of over two separate days depending upon the weather and the opportunities to get in the air. This ten hours will be split in to two sections. Five hours of this time will be spent flying and making aerial images from above. The second half of the time we have the helicopter on duty will be spent making images on the banks of these rivers and lakes and looking down into the vast canyons they create, making photographs from the ice cap itself. This is an opportunity to photograph Greenland in a very unique way. We will be landing in some of the most remote locations in the northern hempisphere and on the planet. We will be wearing harnesses and will be roped together whilst on the ice for safety in order to get close to the edges and peer into the rivers, canyons, lakes and sinkholes/crevaces. 

Each participant will need to bring waterproof hiking boots capable of taking crampons and the crampons also to be safe on the ice. 

Final flight and travel details will be issued in due course. Each particiapnt will need to get themselves to Narsarsuaq Airport, this can be done easily via the domestic airport in Reykjavik. Once the tour is full and flights have been rleased I will send the recommended flights across.

This is not strenuous tour and walking on the ice will not be difficult provided we all have the correct clothing and footwear, detailed tour notes will be issued a few months before we deaprt.