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Stormchasing on Tornado Alley 2023

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£4,295.00Deposit - £995.00

  • 24th May - 4th June, 2023

  • £4,295.00 / Deposit - £995.00

  • Transportation from and returning to Denver Airport, tuition and guidance from Antony & Arild

  • Accommodation, meals, insurance, flights to and from Denver International airport

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12 Days of chasing storms on Tornado Alley, summer of 2022 led by Antony Spencer, Arild Heitmann and our storm chasing guide.

This tour will begin and end at Denver International Airport. We will begin our journey on the morning of the 24th May so we will all need to spend a night at an airport hotel at Denver Airport to be ready to begin the chase on the morning of the 24th. Departure time will be set the day before via email to ensure we give ourselves time to chase on day one if possible. Returning flights should leave Denver International airport no earlier than 6pm on May 26th.

This tour will cover every available storm setup on the Great Plains of the States and even into Southern Canada if necessary. We expect to have storms most days to chase but if we encounter periods of fine weather we will look to move towards National or State parks or spend time photographing the beautiful old buildings dotted around the wonderful Mid West. These decisions will be based on the loactions we find ourselves with any down time from severe weather. We should have severe weather most days if not everyday with a touch of luck. There are some amazing locations such as ghost towns and all maner of abandoned buildings such as grain elevators, barns, houses, churches etc etc scattered around the plains. We will aim to spend time photogrphing these scenes whilst travelling and even combining with storms where possible. After travelling around the plains for over a decade, Antony has a substantial list of locations, a list that cntinuses to grow with every new visit.

We have a guide leading us with years of experience forecasting and chasing storms on the plains. Saftey will be our biggest priority and we will never put ourselves in dangerous positions whilst navigating these storms. That being said thunderstorms and in particular severe thunderstorms are volatile and also not completely predictable. We will all need to listen to our guides at all times whilst observing severe weather and be in a position to get out of harms way as and when necessary. We will not chase storms into or even around urban areas as the risks are far higher in these regions in particular the Oklahoma City Metro Area.

Road trips can and will be long at times, expect to drive anything upto 1000 miles in a day but with an average of around 500 miles a day. We will do absolutely everything we can do safely, to get ourselves to the right place at the right time. Please make sure you are open minded and prepared to do whatever it takes to do this. We will break up road trips at every available opportunity although some days, time will be extremely limited in order to catch the developing storm systems.This tour is specifically setup to photograph the storms from the very best angles and distances. Seeing these storms is one thing but being in the very best location to photograph them perfectly takes more expertise. 

This is an adventure of a lifetime and one which will bring the group of us closer together as we experience this wonderful phenomena in a wonderful part of the USA.

Accommodation is not included in the price. All hotels will be booked each day once we know where we will be staying. Each participant will need to pay for their own accommodation each night. As a general rule hotels will be in the $100-$150 price range probably averaging out to around $125 per night.