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Late Summer Storm Chasing on the Northern Plains

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£3,999.00Deposit - £1,000.00

  • 30th May - 9th June, 2020

  • £3,999.00 / Deposit - £1,000.00

  • Transportation, guidance and photographic tuition from and returning to Denver international airport.

  • All accommodation costs (although this will be booked for you each night) all food and travel insurance.

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This trip is designed to be spending time a little further north on the northern and high plains of Colorado, Nebraska Wyoming, North and South Dakota and Montana. Later in the season as the jet moves north so do the thunderstorms and convective weather. The aim of this trip is to follow the weather and photograph the incredible abandoned buildings and vehicles scattered around these beautiful states.

Starting and ending in Denver we will be ideally placed to get north and get straight to wherever the weather looks best. The aim will be to find storms and photograph them using the beautiful rolling landscapes, abandoned buildings and even the Rocky Moutnains as foregrounds and focal points. The high plains are for the most part, far more natural than the cental and southern plains which are intensively farmed. Here gentle rolling hills and long grasslands are far more commonplace along with lots of decay and abandonment. Old grain elevators and silos are left behind as well as schools, churches houses and entire towns and once thriving cummunities have now become ghost towns.

Supercell thunderstorms will still be very likely at this time of year. We will be follwing the weather to ensure the skies are as angry as possible but maintaining a safe distance from all severe threats to get the best possible view of these wonderful storms.

Each day will be planned based around the weather. We will book accommodation on the road each day. Accommodation costs are not included in the price but will be booked each day and each participant will simply need to pay for their rooms. Our transpost will be large enough for us and will give plenty of room for time on the road. Some days may well be long on the road but will be broken up as much as possible as we pass through the beautiful landscapes en route to each location. Please expect to average around 300-500 miles of driving each day.

The storms at this time of year on the high & northern plains tend to be less dangerous than earlier in the year. Tornadoes are less likely but the storms can still produce giant hail and strong winds as well as the odd tornado. The storms themsleves tend to be higher based and more photogenic as a result, looking up into the structure of the supercell is far easier to photograph than looking into slow moving monster storms earlier in the year in Oklahoma and Texas for example.

Detailed tour notes will be issued to all particiapnts who have signed up around six weeks before departure.