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Lake Baikal, Winter in Siberia 2022

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£3,250.00Deposit - £995.00

  • 1st - 7th February, 2022

  • £3,250.00 / Deposit - £995.00

  • All transportation from and returning to Irkutsk, Exclusive use of soviet 4x4 vehicles in and around Lake Baikal with drivers, excursions to Olkhon Island, small group, accommodation, meals and tuition from Antony

  • Flights to and from Irkutsk, alcoholic drinks and insurance.

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Lake Baikal, winter 2022


A new and unique tour to a remote location on Lake Baikal, the worlds’ largest freshwater lake in Siberia, Russia.

Each year in winter the enormous lake freezes solid leaving the most incredible patterns and details to explore. From tiny intimate patterns of methane bubbles and cracks to giant landscapes, this incredible lake has everything. Our base for this tour will be a small local family owned business and the incredible guides and drivers we have for our stay know the lake better than anybody. We will use comfortable and spacious Soviet Military vans to drive to and from the lake and even across it.

A great deal of our time will be spent working on the ice in our local area. Here the patterns are sublime and we will not see other travellers around. The ice is pristine and unaffected by vehicles or foot traffic other than the odd ice fisherman. There are infinite possibilities in this region alone and we will capitalise on the early and late light taking some time out to warm up and do some processing during the middle of the day. 

We will make longer excursions to locations such as Olkhon Island for some of the more dramatic landscapes and ice caves.

Tourism in this area is undeveloped and we will be living like the locals. The accommodation is clean and warm but is basic. We will be immersed in the local culture, eating local organic home-made food and using the “banya” (sauna and washroom). Toilets are basic, unheated and outside. Staying in this region keeps us away from areas that are emerging as tourist destinations and areas where the ice and patterns are heavily impacted by vehicles and foot. Our local region is free of this impact and far better to photograph as a result. Our accommodation, spacious wooden cottages, are deigned to have as little impact on the local environment as possible and the love and respect of nature and the local environment is evident all around us here. 




Day one- arrive and stay in the city centre in Irkutsk.

Day two- travel down to our accommodation and afternoon drive to Baikal.

Day three- day in local area exploring various locations and different types of ice

Day four- longer excursion to Olkhon Island exploring caves, rocks and ice. 

Day five- possible excursion or more time on local ice depending on conditions.

Day six- morning shoot and drive back to Irkutsk. Accommodation in city centre

Day seven- transport to the airport and fly home


Please Note- Siberia in winter is extremely cold. Each participant will need lots of layers including thermals, fleece mid layers and down outer layers. Temperatures will likely be, at times down towards -40 Celsius and Fahrenheit. A warm hat and hand/foot warmers will be essential also. A full packing list and detailed tour notes will be sent well in advance of departure.

This is a small group tour. The maximum group size is 6 participants.

Our guides here are fantastic and we will all feel like one of the family. Having spent time here, the people are as much a part of the experience as the lake itself and we will all leave with new friends in one of the most remote parts of Asia. 

VISA Assistance

In order to enter the Russian Federation most foreign citizens need a visa. To apply for a visa you need to provide an invitation letter from a “sponsor”, or support letter from a hotel or organisation in Russia

Our host will provide all guests with such letters well ahead of the trip in order that appropriate visas can be obtained.

With the invitation letter, you can then apply for your visa on the website of Russian international affairs:


Once you have got all necessary documents (visa invitation letter, visa application form, proof of medical insurance and 2 passport photographs) you can submit to the local Russian visa centre, many often use pick-up and collection services. PLEASE NOTE There are many companies offering to do this but in my experience for the UK the only officially recommended centre is with it’s equivalent.