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Ellesmere Island, White Wolf Expedition 2024

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£18,500.00Deposit - £8,500.00

  • 28th April - 14th May, 2024

  • £18,500.00 / Deposit - £8,500.00

  • As mentioned in description

  • As mentioned in description

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A rare opportunity to visit Ellesmere Island in Arctic Canada. This ground based expedition is the first of its kind designed specifically to get us as close to the best known denning site of a pack of Artic Wolves as possible. Whilst the wolves themselves are the primary aim of the trip, other wildlife will very likely include polar bears, arctic fox, artic hares (pure white and look wonderful in the snow we should still have plenty of) Musk Ox which again are extremely photogenic in snow, various smaller mammals especially lemmings and several bird species including snowy owls and gyr falcons. 

This extremely remote part of the world is seldom visited by anyone. Wildlife here is similar to that in Antarctica, very little fear of man and all of the species above are likely to come extremely close as and when we encounter them. For the wolves to come within a few feet, or even touching us is a very real possibility. These wolves are almost pure white and will still be in their winter coats. As well as wildlife we will capitalise on any landscape photography we can make. After a brutal and long winter there will be many options for larger landscape images.

This tour will commence just as the sun becomes a permanent fixture above the horizon. The sun will still drop very low in the sky towards midnight but will not set for the duration of our trip. This will mean we have 24 hours of usable daylight every single day. We will utilise the softer evening light as much as we can and make sure we use that time as best as we can.

Itinerary and logistical details-

The tour will begin and end in Resolute Bay. We will spend the first two nights in town. The first will be at our leisure having arrived from Ottawa. The first full day will be spent checking equipment and training for the expedition ahead. From Resolute on the 30th April we will board our specialised charter flight to Ellesmere Island. Using an adapted plane we will be landing on ice to depart and travel on foot to our base camp location. We will all be using pulks, a sled and harness system to pull our equipment behind us over the snow and ice. Either snowshoes or cross country skis will be needed depending on your preferences. This will be discussed well ahead of time. Personally, I will be using snowshoes for greater floatation over deep snow. A very detailed equipment list will be issued in due course and well ahead of time. Please note, the temperatures will be cold and we will all need extremely warm clothing and lots of layers to adapt to the conditions.

Day one- arrive into Resolute Bay from Ottawa, accommodation and meals, explore local surroundings

Day two- Equipment check, group discussion regarding the expedition, mandatory safety briefing including predator awareness

Day three- Midday flight to Ellesmere island, travel to set up base camp

Days four to fifteen- Explore from our basecamp, find wildlife and hike around local area. We can and will move basecamp if necessary to put us into better or different surroundings.

Day sixteen- midday flight to Resolute Bay, meals and accommodation.

Day seventeen- Breakfast and depart on our journeys home. 

This expedition will be more strenuous than a normal tour. Each participant will need to be in good physical shape. Once we have established basecamp we wont need to travel with too much weight but we will still be exploring in cold temperatures on foot. The average temperature for May in Ellesmere is -10c. A hot day for May would not be above freezing. The maximum mean low temperature is -23c in the evenings. 

We will be camping in the best winter rated tents and protected by our two guides and an electric fence around base camp. We will have a community kitchen tent and a toilet tent.


Charter flights to and from Ellesmere Island from Resolute Bay, 3 nights total accommodation in Resolute Bay, all meals between arriving into and leaving Resolute Bay, two fully qualified high artic guides for the duration of the expedition, safety and communication gear in case of emergencies (satellite phone), ski pulk and harness. Gratuities for guides, Canadian sales taxes and national park/Nunavut fees. Tuition from Antony Spencer. Solar panels for charging batteries.

Please note, if the same tour scheduled for 2022 has to be postponed for COVID related reasons this tour will more than likely need to be postponed by one year also. 


Travel to and from Resolute Bay, winter weight sleeping bag (can be rented if necessary,) ski/snowshoe equipment (can be rented), any costs incurred due to adverse weather and delays to our itinerary (example if the plane cannot take off due to weather and we need more nights in Resolute Bay) Personal clothing and equipment that will be sent out to each participant ahead of time. Travel insurance

please note- as with everything in nature, nothing is guaranteed. The above information references what is likley but this really is a journey into the unknown.