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American Relics of the Great Plains 2023. - Last Places

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£5,495.00Deposit - £995.00

  • 8th - 19th July, 2023 - Last Places

  • £5,495.00 / Deposit - £995.00

  • Accommodation, transportation and tuition from Antony Spencer and David Ward. 

  • Flights to and from Rapid City, meals, insurance

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American Relics of the Great Plains tour 2023.

Vast and seemingly endless, the Great plains stretch across central North America, from Mexico into Canada. From the mighty Mississippi in the east to the towering Rocky Mountains in the west. This new tour will explore the High Plains in Northern states such as Montana, North & South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska.

Amongst the uninterrupted farm & ranch land there is a forgotten world of American relics. Houses, churches, schools, grain elevators and classic American cars are all left to decay, slowly being reclaimed by nature. In places,  entire towns have been abandoned. The flat, minimalist landscape that surrounds the abandoned buildings also provide wonderful opportunities for unique, emotive images. Especially when the sky is filled with towering cumulous.

We will travel in July, a month that often provides convective weather and spectacular skies. We will slowly travel around the plains, led by the weather and light. By remaining flexible, with no prior accommodation booked, we can move into locations where the conditions will be most interesting. Mid-summer really is an amazing time of the year in terms of light and changing conditions

The enormous Rocky Mountain range create a rain shadow effect, sheltering the plains from the prevailing westerly winds. This is particularly true for the High Plains. It is generally only mid-summer that sees moisture and unstable air flow in from the far away  Gulf of Mexico.

Over many years of exploring these high plains whilst photographing severe weather, I have compiled a long list of these locations with the express aim to return with time to do them justice. We will also, no doubt, discover many more gems that arise from the chance conjunction of light and moody skies.

Travelling through a beautiful part of the world with complete fluidity is a luxury David and I are excited to offer, one that will provide a multitude of opportunities to make new and unique images.