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Abandoned Plains in Winter 2025 - Last Places

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£4,495.00Deposit - £995.00

  • 16th - 25th January, 2025 - Last Places

  • £4,495.00 / Deposit - £995.00

  • Transportation, accommodation and tuition

  • Travel to and from Saskatoon airport, meals, insurance

  • Sktour7

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A unique journey exploring the prairies and plains of Central Canada in mid winter. 

Beginning and ending in Saskatoon this tour of the priaires will focus predominently on Saskatchewan. Once away from the largest city of Saskatoon, the beauty of the prairies unfolds. With so much land and so few people, buildings are simply left to be slowly reclaimed by nature. There is no shortage of abandoned builidings and wonderful farmland landscapes to explore. In deep mid winter the snow provides a pristine blanket to create a pure and simplistic world in which to photograph these subjects. Lone trees and abandoned buildings all of all shapes and sizes will be explored. From small shacks and silos to huge abandoned grain elevators and even entrire settlements, the possibilities are simply endless. We will come across builidings of varying styles and varying cultures including Ukrainian Orthodox Churches which look fabulous in the snow. 

There is a very high chance of encountering wildlife whilst travelling through this winter wonderland. Snowy Owls, foxes, coyotes etc are all likely and we will stop when we can to photogrph these. Snowy owls are especially beautiful to photograph in snow and are at times seen in very high numbers!

This tour will be limited in number to six particiapnts to keep things very comfortable whilst travelling and also allow total flexibility so we can react to weather and conditions and produce the best images possible. Accommodation is easy to come by at this time of year so we will aim to stay in small cities as we travel. 


Please note- warm clothing and multiple layers will be required although we will always be close to a vehicle or accommodation for a warm up. Depending on the angles one would like to acheive, some relatively deep snow may need to be negotiated. Full details will be issued to particiapnts in due course.