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Finland- Bears and Wolves

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£2,995.00Deposit - £750.00

  • 1st - 5th October, 2020

  • £2,995.00 / Deposit - £750.00

  • All transportation to and from arrival/departure airport, 4 star accommodation, tuition from Antony & Henrik, breakfasts and packed lunches.

  • Evening meals, drinks, flights and insurance

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The European Brown Bear and wolves have lost much of their habitat across the continent but in far Eastern Finland we will photograph them in one of the remaining locations these magnificent creatures still thrive.

We will be based in 4 star accommodation in the town of Kumho. Each participant will have their own hotel room for the duration of the trip. We will travel to and from locations via our vehicles for the tour. Staying in Kumho we have much better options for food and accommodation as most tend to stay in hostel type accommodation closer to the wildlife. 

Photography will mostly be from the hides around Lake Kuikka that we will make use of for the duration of the tour. There are multiple hides to use that will provide different scenery and different types of wildlife. Whilst wolves and bears are the main target, there is a very high chance we will see other species of wildlife including Wolverine, Eagles, Moose, Reindeer and many other bird species that inhabit the Arctic Tundra and Boreal Forest. Visiting in the autumn we will should have beautiful colours around us to make images and Bears in particular will be eating as much as possible before hibernating for winter.

A long lens will be invaluable for a trip like this, a focal length of at least 300mm will be essential as well lenses to capture these animals in their environment such as a 24-70 or 70-200 also. 

Whilst driving to and from the lake and our hides we may be presented with beautiful landscapes, especially with autumn colours creeping in across the land with reflections around the many bodies of water around us. 

Detailed tour notes will be issued well in advance of this trip with equipment and clothing recommendations and a full itinerary of the tour.